FAQ - Trouble Shooting        

  1. OS (Windows) could not detect the device.

The OS (windows) could not fetch the hardware ID of the device through USB, it doesn’t detect the inserted device.

To verify the TV dongle (tuner) is normal, use another USB port (do not use USB extension cable) or another computer with windows system.

  1. Could not see any input source but ‘No Device’ in the setting menu of TVR.

The driver is not installed correctly, or not installed, may cause this problem or other software is using the device so that the application could not detect the device. Please follow steps below:

  1. Install the newest driver from http://www.astrometa.com.tw/integrated_en.html and make sure the device is listed in Device Manager without ‘?’ or ‘!’ mark (Please wait 10 seconds after the tuner stick is plugged.)
  2. Please close any other TV software and make sure there is no other background program running to compete accessing the device.

  1. Could not get any TV channel from scanning, but FM plays well.

If FM is ok, it is mostly the signal problem. The bad signal will be wrongly decoded. Please move to another location or use a better antenna (ex: roof antenna)

  1. Some frequencies are missing (TV channel and FM).

These frequencies may be too weak or bad signal noise ratio (CNR). The definition in frequency table might be incorrect.

  1. Press ‘E’ key on the keyboard to get the advanced setup dialog, click scan channel tab, then select the single frequency and enter the desired frequency and click start.(check if the hardware and driver are able to receive the frequency).
  2. Open the file, FreqInf.ini, in the working folder of TVR/DVBC TVR and modify the definition of your location. The syntax is on the top of the file.

  1. Only audio could play normally, but no image.
  1. Bad signals might cause the receiver to get fragmented data. Try to move to another location (higher and not blocked by wall) or use better antenna (ex: roof antenna).
  2. Display hardware compatibility might also cause this problem. Please update the driver of graphics card if the driver is outdated.
  3. Try to disable video acceleration from menu if it is enabled (For windows 7 and later OS versions). Click menu on TVR and then click Video Acceleration.
  4. If you are sure that signal is strong enough but the decoder is unable to decode, please capture stream as illustration in the Hardware Diagnostic Window.

  1. Remote control doesn’t work.
  1. Check the battery is working.
  2. Check if the IR can emit from the remote controller by facing the IR LED to the camera. (To see the LED flash on cell phone screen when the button is pressed).
  3. Check rc.exe is running in the background.
  4. Reinstall the driver if you don’t see the HID Infrared Remote Receiver in Device Manager

  1. The image shows the padlock on TVR video window.
  1. The device could only support FTA (free to air) channels, so make sure the channel which is padlocked is not a scrambled channel.
  2. The weak/bad signals might make the receiver gets fragmented data. Please move to another location or use a better antenna (ex: roof antenna).

  1. Which driver should be installed?

To use TVR or DVBC TVR, both drivers could run normally.

To use 3rd party software for DVB-T/T2, please install AMDVBT2 BDA Driver.

To use 3rd party software for DVB-C, please install AMDVBT2 BDA Driver for DVBC.

  1. How to reorder/save/ load / edit/ delete the TV and FM channel?

To reorder the channel list, open the Guide/Channel list and press Ctrl + up arrow, Ctrl + down arrow to move highlight item.

Press ‘E’ key on the keyboard to get the advance setup dialog and click ‘Scan Channel’ tab, You can save and load the channel list and delete one or all the channels.

  1. Unable to see multiple-PLP channels using third party software.

DVB-T2 MPLP standard for Windows is yet to be defined.

The PLP information provided by custom driver interface can only be retrieved by TVR/DVBC TVR.